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Glow In the Heart provides a space for healing. Creator and curator, Disa Jean-Pierre, provides services in Los Angeles and online. Her spiritual mentoring services include Reiki Energy Healing, Soul Coaching and Hypnotherapy. She provides free content in the form of weekly videos and blogs that cover topics ranging from natural beauty, spiritual parenting tools,tips for getting through custody court with strength, and healing the shame of miscarriage or abortion. This space is simply for the everyday person looking for simple and effective spiritual tools and resources to assist them through life's everyday challenges.
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My New Addition

Hi friends. Blog updates have been on hiatus but for a very good reason. Last summer I found out I was pregnant. With my history of loss I wanted wait as long as possible, even maybe until the birth, to share the news. I also wanted to focus on staying healthy and as stress free as possible. Welp, I ended up sharing the news and even creating a few maternity themed videos over on my YouTube channel.


Now baby is here. My son Masego was born at home in early February. It’s been about 9 weeks now. The first 6 weeks were the most difficult. I battled 3 breast infections. Sometimes the pain was worst than birth. I finally got wise to the lessons that were trying to come through my body (slow down, receive help, let go).


Now things are getting easier with each day. My life and focus have shifted. I will be posting here and on my YouTube channel and bringing exciting new offerings to this space. I can’t wait to dive more into this space and interact with you more. In the meantime here are some videos to help you catch up.



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