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Glow In the Heart provides a space for healing. Creator and curator, Disa Jean-Pierre, provides services in Los Angeles and online. Her spiritual mentoring services include Reiki Energy Healing, Soul Coaching and Hypnotherapy. She provides free content in the form of weekly videos and blogs that cover topics ranging from natural beauty, spiritual parenting tools,tips for getting through custody court with strength, and healing the shame of miscarriage or abortion. This space is simply for the everyday person looking for simple and effective spiritual tools and resources to assist them through life's everyday challenges.
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My Favorite Books for Spiritual Growth

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I am a self proclaimed self-help junkie.  I’ve always had an affinity for books and even more for non-fiction. I love to learn and found solace and wisdom in books during the difficult times in my life. Books are such a great resource because they contain old and new wisdom and stories in a cheap or free format. They are so easily accessible and there whenever you need them.



The first book on my list was actually recommended to me by a therapist. If I didn’t already know that he was the real did this confirmed it for me. I haven’t seen him since that recommendation because this book’s principles worked so well for me. That book is Loving What Is by Byron Katie. With this book I was introduced to the idea that I didn’t have to be attached my thoughts or my stories. Byron Katie has a process called The Work, in which you evaluate your judgements toward yourself and others to see the truth in it. This work is incredibly liberating. Even if you feel like diving into the book is too much for you I would suggest searching for some of her work on YouTube. It’s amazing to watch people go through this process.



Loving What Is helped me drop my stories and detach from depression. The Artist’s Way is the book taught me how to embody self-love. I truly believe doing the work of The Artist’s Way is what put me in a place to find my husband. The Artist’s Way is not just a book, but a 12 week journey to unlock creativity. I don’t consider myself an artist but I wanted to be one as a child. In doing the 12 week journey I realized how essential creativity is to my mental and spiritual health. I recommend this book to almost everyone I know who is trying to find something in their life; a career, a lover, a masterpiece.



Not all books for spiritual growth need to be from the self-help or metaphysical section. Rain of Gold is essentially a biography and I was introduced to this book because it was required reading for my History of Women in the U.S. class in community college. The book came from the author’s desire to document his family’s history. It’s hard for me to summarize why this book is so important to my spiritual growth. To put it simply, it planted seeds of feminism, magic and earthly spirituality when I was in a very naive stage of my life.



Those are my top three and below you will find all of my favorite spiritual books to date. What are some of yours?

Loving What Is- Byron Katie

The Artist’s Way– Julia Cameron

Rain of Gold -Victor Villasenor

Finding Your Own North Star-Martha Beck

The Desire Map– Danielle Laporte

Many Lives Many Masters -Dr. Brian Weiss

A Return to Love – Marianne Williamson

Wishes Fulfilled -Dr. Wayne Dyer

The Alchemist– Paulo Coelho



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