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Do You Date Yourself?

Do You Date Yourself?

So do you?   When was the last time you took yourself on a date? Okay I will go first. To be honest it has been a pretty long time since I took myself on a date. I would say it wasn’t since my little ZipCar shopping trip, but it wasn’t all that romantic. I am in serious need of a Disa Date. Some of you still think I am joking right? Nope I am dead serious.   The saying goes you must love yourself before you can love somebody else. So let us take it to the next level and take action with our love by creating a self date. Now this concept is something I picked up from The Artist Way by Julia Cameron. The Artist Way is a twelve week spiritual journey to higher creativity. I didn’t know it at the time but this program actually helped my love life along with my creative spirit.  One big part of the program is the weekly artist dates. This is were you nourish your inner artist. These dates didn’t have to be costly or elaborate. It gives you an excuse to indulge in those simple soul nourishing activities that we brush off so easily. Don’t let the title get you all worked up, this book and this activity is for everyone. We all have a creative side. Often times as we age this creative spirit gets pushed away in an effort to be a responsible  (boring) adult.   Here are some artist dates I have on my to-do list to give you an idea of how I take care of myself.

  • Spend a few hours at the Korean Spa (only $15 for entrance!)- soak in the healing hot tub, meditate in the sauna, take my deep conditioning hair mask and favorite natural products to use during and after, curl up with a good book and a blanket on the warm jade floor. Then maybe nourish myself with some soondubo tofu soup after.
  • Dust off my royal purple and gold hula hoop and spend a good hour hooping at the park, even it it means I’m just spinning in circles.
  • Go watch that girly movie my boys don’t want to see.
  • Set aside a quiet afternoon to complete on of my craft projects. Take the time to create a sacred space by putting on an awesome playlist, burning my favorite incense and setting out my favorite snacks.
  • A Korean Drama marathon accompanied by Korean food of course!
  • Taking a trip to Lake Shrine and grabbing a smoothie or juice afterward.
  • A bike ride along the beach.
  Some Slightly Spendy Dates –
  • Take a trip by myself! Where should I go?
  • Take a cooking class.
  So how about you? Tell me in the comments if you are ready for a self date or not.  If you are what you are aching to do?


  • Leanne Chesser

    Awesome. I do date myself and it’s a great thing to do! I agree that we need to love ourselves first and that healthy love of others flows from a healthy love of ourselves.

  • Krista

    LOVE this idea. The sad part is…I’ll have to brainstorm a list of places I can take myself of a date. :)

  • Dave Conrey

    Interesting, I was just thinking about going to the movies by myself today because I had the free time but felt bad about it because I felt this inherent need to include others so they didn’t feel left out. Perhaps I should rethink it. Thanks for the reminder.

  • april

    great post, disa! i dove headfirst into writing my morning pages (and still do them months later!), but i was not very good about getting those artist dates in (only treated myself to a few). i need to revisit this – thanks for the lovely reminder.

  • Vivian Mandala

    Disa, Thank you so much for referencing The Artist Way!! I loved my dates with myself and (like you) fell out practice! Time to start them up again, I think.
    You know what sounds amazing (as a mom of three kids). Quiet. So I think I’ll walk to the local park and lie in the grass for a half an hour, then maybe walk to a local cafe and write for another half hour while I enjoy a loooooong cup of coffee.
    Thanks for bringing it back to my life!


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