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Glow In the Heart provides a space for healing. Creator and curator, Disa Jean-Pierre, provides services in Los Angeles and online. Her spiritual mentoring services include Reiki Energy Healing, Soul Coaching and Hypnotherapy. She provides free content in the form of weekly videos and blogs that cover topics ranging from natural beauty, spiritual parenting tools,tips for getting through custody court with strength, and healing the shame of miscarriage or abortion. This space is simply for the everyday person looking for simple and effective spiritual tools and resources to assist them through life's everyday challenges.
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Who is Disa?


My name is Disa Jean-Pierre and there is nothing I love more than seeing a woman in her power. Okay I lie, actually seeing my son smile and olive oil ice cream make me pretty damn happy also. But that has no value to you. You want to know why I am here.


I am here to help you step away from drama, depression and frustration. I am here to cheer you from the sidelines as you step onto your own personal path of bliss and freedom. I love to see women grow into their true heart space. To learn how to release the old and welcome all that the world has to offer with strength and love. I love seeing women learn that life is easy and that the challenges that come our way are merely opportunities to grow. I believe that once you learn to love yourself first everything else falls into place.



You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.     -Buddha


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That prolific Buddha-ism is what I live to teach. It is what I struggled to learn as a young girl and young woman. I’ve been on both sides of the self-love spectrum and I refuse to sit aside watching my fellow sisters struggling through the same pain I did.


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I grew up without my father in my life. My memories of the few years I knew him were faint. Communication was cut, along with my cultural connection.


I felt ripped apart and incomplete. I was transplanted from luscious, diverse Hawaii to homogenous, conservative Orange County, California. Through most of my childhood peers whom did not resemble me in any way surrounded me. I was hurt and confused for most of my youth. I was always searching to fix something that wasn’t going to change, whether that be wishing for my dad to be in my life or continually straightening and fighting with my naturally curly hair so that I could fit in.

As I became a young adult I found confidence in a relationship that wasn’t meant to last. My extreme lack of self-love and fear of losing my first love drove me to depression and thoughts of suicide. In typical young adult fashion I thought I knew it all and stuck to a relationship and religion that constricted me.


A week after I had broken off my relationship for good (I thought) I found out I was pregnant. I wept not with tears of joy, but with the fear that my scholarly and career pursuits would be delayed.


Little did I know that my unexpected pregnancy was truly one of the greatest blessings of my life.


I struggled; we struggled in those early years as parents. Life was riddled with alcoholism, depression, resentment, fear and confusion.


Luckily my motherly instinct to be the best person I could be helped me rise out of the drama and darkness. With my mother’s guidance and support and my son’s future in mind I started to step onto my path towards spiritual healing.


In the first 7 years of my son’s life I went from being a scared, lost, depressed 21 year old to an empower healer for my own self and others. I reconnected with my father and family; learned how to take care of myself spiritually, physically and mentally; experienced the many facets of love, especially self-love; learned how to set boundaries and break cycles by taking my ex to court; learned how to stay centered and happy in the most challenging of situations; quit my job not once but twice to follow my passion, connected with my soul mate; became a Reiki healer; moved to my dream city; shaved my head and much more.


Because of what I’ve been through and my open and candid nature I’ve become a spiritual mentor and healer to many women in my life.


It is my desire to connect to any and all that may benefit from my soul work. To dive deeper jump on over to my blog where I share more personal insight and tips or schedule a mentoring session.

Client Testimonials

“Disa has been a personal inspiration to me since I first met her. She has a calming energy, an understanding spirit, and love and acceptance flow from her very person.


To be in Disa’s presence creates an almost automatic and instantaneous calming and a desire to slow down, breathe, exhale negative energy and inhale positive energy. Her presence alone is enough to refocus.


I genuinely believe that without her gentle guidance I would never have had the strength and courage to come to a place of personal peace within myself. Disa wrote in one of her blogs, “the greater good of healing is larger than the fear surrounding [this] issue”, she was speaking on a completely different topic than mine, of course, but that simple concept touched my soul and gave me such peace and understanding of my own situation.


Disa has been a confidant, a spiritual teacher, and a great source of guidance to me for both my physical well-being and my spiritual well-being.


When I was at a cross-road and making a decision about some major life changes I asked Disa to do a card reading for me and the reading was so on-point. I feel very strongly that it was through her innate ability to tap into my energy that allowed her to pull the cards that would provide me with guidance I needed. There was little doubt as to what was in the cards for me. I accepted the message with an open heart and followed the guidance she provided. I have been being blessed ever since.


I am continuously thankful for Disa’s guidance in my life. I feel that her natural gift for attuning herself with the energies that surround us has given her a wisdom far beyond her years.


I will close this testimonial with another quote of Disa’s that greatly touched my spirit and continues to help me grow, “Guilt and shame are very low vibration energies. We must free ourselves from these labels first if we expect others to treat us with respect. If we want change in the world around us we must start with ourselves”.


She has inspired me to allow myself to release the guilt and shame in my life that I put on myself and that was holding me back. I feel I am a better me thanks to her guidance and counseling.


Disa is love and light in physical form.”


– Robin R.

I recently received two card readings from Disa and she tapped into what was going on intuitively. She answered questions that I really needed and not asked. I trust her abilities as a healer and she does it with pure intentions and intuition. She is a grounded, clear, nonjudgmental, friendly person who communicates extremely well.


I support and suggest her to anyone who needs guidance into their own voice, their own path. A true gem in this community!


– Estasia C.

Before Reiki I suffered depression, anxiety & anger.  After just few sessions of Reiki with Disa I been feeling peaceful, grounded & alive. I am no longer over thinking people’s actions or feeling victimized. I feel clear and with a purpose. I credit my positive turn around to the Reiki sessions.


Disa’s peaceful presence is admirable she makes you feel accepted and loved with out saying a word. It’s truly a wonderful experience that needs to be tried in order to fully understand it.


– Suzy B.